about the witch

After having been in the cosmetology business for nearly a decade, and working with the art of enchanting people with and enhancing their own image, I have also been gifted with the experience of learning the beautiful ins and outs of all sorts of inspiring women. 

It didn't take me long to realize that my interest in all types of people far exceeds external appearances. I love learning and sharing new skills and ideas, recipes and art, experiences and laughs.

I've always enjoyed writing, and longed for a platform to journal and share on. But until recently life has been rather consumed with the demands of business ownership and balancing some semblance of a personal life.

As many of you know and have experienced, globally we are in a state of disaster due to the virus COVID 19. As a result I am currently unable to physically work. Though these are dark and frightening times, they have presented me with a unique opportunity to revisit my passions rooted in sharing human experiences and a thirst for life.

I work hard to charm every aspect of my life both with both aesthetic and substance. I love beautiful things, practical things, powerful things, tasty things, and most of all sharing things. I hope you will join me as I begin (and hopefully maintain) this blogging journey and begin to build this community of magic, beauty, and empowerment.