Cold Brew Concoctions

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

If you're anything like me, you prefer your coffee iced over hot. I don't know what it is, but hot beverages sooth me and make me sleepy, even when caffeinated! So when I need some spring in my step, I look to an iced Latte or a cold brew. If you're like me in more ways than one, you tend to sleep until the absolute last minute and have grown weary of running (even more) late due to needing to hit the drive through before even starting our day.

One thing I love about cold brew coffee as opposed to ice coffee is it is less bitter and, if you cant tell by now, I have a sweet tooth! The lack of heat in the process of making cold brew coffee reduces the acidity and leaves you with a sweeter coffee. It is also a perfect base for fussing and experimenting with flavors and mixtures. If you like something that imitates a Vietnamese iced coffee you can add sweetened condensed milk. If you're an Iced Mocha type go for your favorite chocolate syrup. Another great option for the fall flavor lovers, is to add a pinch of salt and some caramel syrup! OH, and if you love to bake, you have chilled coffee on hand at all times, should a recipe call for it!

Another thing I love about this particular cold brew coffee, is that the base recipe was shared with me by another clever and crafty kitchen witch! The best concoctions begin with sharing an idea!

I like to keep a large drink dispenser (about a gallon and a half) in my fridge with a big batch of cold brew in it so that I only need to prepare the coffee every so often.

What's in the Potion?

9 heaping Tablespoons of Your favorite coffee grounds (I still love Dunkin Donuts even though i no longer need to go there every morning!)

2 quarts of Water

What else do you need?

a 2 quart glass container

empty teabags OR cheesecloth

a drink dispenser or pitcher

What's the spell?

Fill the glass two quart container with water.

Add coffee grounds directly, or fill 3 empty teabags with 3 tablespoons each with coffee grounds and add the tea bags to the water.

Let sit at room temperature 10 hours or overnight.

After time is up, remove teabags, or strain coffee through a cheese cloth and into your pitcher or dispenser.

Refrigerate your cold brew and enjoy at your leisure!

As I said, I make a rather large batch of this and store it in my fridge. I use 6 quarts of water and 9 teabags full of coffee for this, so feel free to multiply the recipe to your needs. The coffee keeps quite nicely in the refrigerator and leaves us anti morning folk with one less task to do in the morning! I like to take a glass or tumbler half full of ice, add a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk and a drizzle of Hershey's Chocolate syrup, pour my could brew over, and mix (clockwise with intention) with a stainless steel drinking straw! Enjoy and just like Billy, pictured here, look alive!

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