Lavender Honey Moon Milk

This Lavender Honey Moon Milk is just what the witch doctor ordered! Whether you suffer a sleepless night, an anxious mind, or an insatiable appetite for fragrant treats, this little tea is sure to cure what ails you!

Many of my potions do not have an EXACT recipe, so I will do my best here to describe ratios, however please feel free to fuss with them to suit your individual tastes. After all, witch craft is all about freedom, trial, and error!

What's in the potion?

a bag of your favorite earl grey tea

2 cups of milk of your choice (I went with soy)

2 Tablespoons of food grade lavender grounds

2-3 Tablespoons of honey (I like it sweet)

1 Tablespoon of sugar (really sweet)

1 small splash of vanilla exctract

not even a whole drop of purple food coloring (optional but always appealing)

What else will you need?

an ice cube tray or an ice cream maker

empty tea bags (you will find a lot of witch craft I do calls for these mine came from amazon)

a gorgeous tea kettle and cup

a medium sauce pot

What's the spell?

You'll begin this spell by making a slush to use as your base, and freeze for future recipes.

Fire up your cauldron! (heat your sauce pot on the stove)

Put milk in the pot on medium high heat, bring to a boil and immediately reduce to a simmer.

Put your lavender into an empty tea bag and add the tea bag to the milk while it simmers.

Let simmer until the milk is fragrant, (10 minutes or so?) feel free to taste!

Add honey, sugar and vanilla. Mix while milk is still warm.

Now cool the milk mixture down, refrigerate for an hour or so after it cools a bit.

At this point if you have an ice cream maker, bust that sucker out and and follow manufacturer's instructions, using it to churn your milk mixture into a slush.

If you do not own one, don't fret. We can get the same flavors from this in cube form. Use a hand mixer on the milk concoction for 5-10 minutes. at this point, whichever method you're using, it is time to add food coloring if you're using it.

After mixing or churning, store your respective mixture in the freezer, either in a container or in an ice cube tray.

You now possess an abundance of slush for many future moon milks! This will simplify and quicken the process whenever you are craving one!

When you are ready to enjoy your moon milk (preferably after midnight), prepare a kettle of hot water and go about business making a cup of regular Earl Gray tea.

When the tea is prepared, pour into a cup and add one scoop of slush (or cube) to the tea.

Mix well. I like to Stir 12 times clockwise while setting an intention, usually regarding a need to rest or relax. Your Moon Milk should now be a lovely and fragrant color, flavor, AND temperature to enjoy while you find some calm.

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