Mystic Mojito Mule

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

This is one of my all time favorites for summer, and like most of my "recipes", it is inspiration, or a concept, more so than an actual formula! It is a combined flavor of a classic Moscow mule, with a a touch of extra refreshing mojito quality. So delicious and so much room for interpretation.

What's in the potion?

Vodka, of your preference.

My favorite is Tito's because something about their gluten free ingredients, and being made from corn mash, rather than grain or rye, seems to give me a cleaner neater taste, and even seems to eliminate the odds for a bad hangover in my personal experience.

Ginger Beer, typically I go for Fever Tree simply because ginger beer is expensive and they sell their brand in bulk at Costco. However, I would love to hear if anyone on here has experience in making their own or purchasing from smaller or more local distilleries.

Limes (bonus points if you grow your own on a tree!)

Mint, best case scenario from your own yard or garden, if you don't have your own, I guarantee you know a hedge witch who does! (theres always a grocery store if need be, but this potion is a perfect excuse to try your hand at growing your own easy and hearty herb which can make your beverage all the more satisfying!)


What else do you need?

A copper mule mug, if you have one! but any vessel will do.

A pestle and morter

A knife and cutting board

A straw (putting a plug in here for the value of a steel or glass straw both environmentally and just because if you're like me and love cocktails and mixed beverages of all varieties, owning reusable straws will always come in handy.)

What's the spell?

Begin by microwaving your limes for 15-30 seconds. No, I'm not insane. Microwaving citrus fruits before juicing them renders more liquid.

Once microwaved, cut the lime into 8-10 slices.

If, admittedly, you aren't sure about slicing properly, check this out!

Add as many clean mint sprigs as your heart desires, I like a ton of mint in mine.

Now go ahead and get out the pestle and grind that mint and lime juice all up!

My only suggestion for this is, to bruise the mint until it is fragrant, but use caution not to abuse it into a full blown mush. Theres a line of muddling you don't want to cross for both texture, and aesthetic purposes.

Fill your copper mug or vessel of choice with ice.

Add as much vodka as the day you're having warrants. I usually fill my mug a third of the way because the flavor and boldness of lime, mint, and ginger beer is enough to overpower the vodka in most ratios.

Now add your lime and mint mixture, and top the drink off with ginger beer.

Stir with your straw or the thin end of a spoon, clockwise with purpose. Stir until the copper of your mug is turning frosty and cold enough to stick to your fingers!

Garnish with a fresh sprig of mint and a lime wedge!

If the flavor of ginger beer is too strong for you I encourage diluting the amount of ginger beer you use with classic ginger ale as it is still sweet and bubbly but has a bit less bite to it!

Make your own magic!

Now is a perfect time to customize your potion! This mystic mojito mule is a fresh clean base with plenty of room for editing! Zest a lemon into your mint mixture, add different herbs, or maybe a flavored syrup of your own! I would love to hear what you try!

This little cocktail is a perfect reminder of how lucky we are to spoil ourselves with a little effort. When I mix this drink I like to set my focus on how grateful I am to grow my own herbs and turn them into something delicious. Remember to thank yourself for treating you to something that required a little more work than opening a beer or a bottle of wine. From growing the herbs, to muddling and mixing, making yourself or your Coven a unique cocktail is a labor of love and we all deserve that, even from ourselves!

Best enjoyed during sunset after a long, hard, but not particularly bad day.

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