Self Care Ritual

During this quarantine we are all experiencing very separate situations and emotions. Whether you are overworked and under paid, underworked and overpaid, or anything in between, we are all sharing an abundance of one particular thing: stress. This unique lack of control is very taxing on us all no matter your personal experience. Our mental and physical health are being pushed to their limits on a day to day basis and particularly now. A few examples: being on your feet 14 hours in an N95 mask, saving or sustaining the lives and health of others, driving around delivering groceries, booze, and online orders, lifting heavy packages all day while having to listen to the morbid news on the radio, or laying on your couch 14 hours, eating junk food having an existential crisis. None of these scenarios are ideal for our over all wellness. One thing we can take control of is self care. I encourage everyone to unplug for a few hours, check in on your headspace, and pamper your mental and physical self for a refreshing change of pace! Below is a (long and detailed) video describing my way of doing an at home spa day self care ritual and a list of links for the products I use! Enjoy and please share your self care rituals and ideas!

What do you need?

Fresh Towels

Favorite Robe

Candles or Incense of your choice


Crystals or Healing tools

Water ( I used my Soji crystal elixir water bottle )

Shampoo & Conditioner ( I used Kevin Murphy, Contact me if you need some )

Soap or Body Wash

Hair Mask ( I used Keracolor clenditioner )

Dermaplane Razor ( I used Schick dermaplane razors )

Face Mask ( I used Urban Hydration Charcoal Clay Mud Mask )

Your regular skin care regimen ( I get mine from Citrus Skin Studio )

Charcoal toothpaste ( I use Fine Vine)

Exfoliating Lip Scrub ( Sugar, Beeswax, & Vitamin E or castor oil )

Oil Based Moisturizer

Facial Roller or Gua Sha ( check out Soji and Fourth Ray )

What's the Ritual?


Here is a Photo of how I align my crystals on my bath ledge with their corresponding chakras.Hopefully this helps or inspires a healing ritual of your own!

I hope you enjoy some luxurious You time, share your rituals and thoughts after some self care, and remember: Stay positive, Test Negative.

Later Witches!

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