The Quarantine Color Trials

Here's a little experiment I did with KeraColor Clenditioner during these strange times where we cannot get our hair professionally taken care of. I do think this is a uniquely advantageous time to experiment with our self care regimens.

With that being said, please don't do anything RECKLESS with your skin, hair, or nails. If you have any questions, contact myself or any of your cosmetologist friends for input or advice before taking any hasty actions!

The Experiment

My hair after the experiment

Hasty experiments to avoid:

Anything chemical. Chemically altering your hair, skin, or nails is a bad move right now. Remember, color corrections can be upwards of $300 and your stylist is going to be very busy as it is when they return to work. Stick with masks, temporary changes, a bold nail or lipstick color you wouldn't normally sport, and natural ingredient experiments.

Anything medical. Other than taking vitamins please don't fuss with medications during the pandemic. Healthcare professionals have enough to worry about at this time.

Anything involving scissors. Don't even make me say it. Try a new styling technique instead!


Check out Keracolor Clenditioners here and here !

Get in touch with Mikaela for a super adorable crocheted scrunchy !

And check out my usual colorist Nikki who I am eager to see when this is all over!

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more quarantine beauty suggestions!

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